Our dynamic leasing and management team is the heart of this exceptional transit-oriented apartment community. Committed to excellence, they are the driving force behind Shoregate’s unparalleled living experience.





Patrick discovered his passion for real estate from a young age, starting in real estate sales at Century 21 before transitioning into property management. In his role as senior community manager, Patrick ensures the community’s success by overseeing various responsibilities that encompass leasing apartment homes, maintaining the community’s aesthetics, and ensuring residents are content, engaged, and proud to call Shoregate their home.

As Patrick joined the Shoregate team in June 2023, he had a unique experience as the first team member on-site. He was able to witness the construction in real time and learn about the intimate details of Shoregate’s development — strengthening his connection to the community.  What particularly captivated him about Shoregate was its distinctive architecture, featuring nearly a dozen architectural facades that pay homage to Bay Shore’s history while simultaneously looking forward to its vibrant future.


With qualifications including a NYS Real Estate Salesperson license, a B.S. in Business Management, and accolades like being an Eagle Scout and a Chaminade High School graduate, Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. He values the rich history and passionate locals in the Bay Shore community and particularly enjoys the rooftop sun deck, a serene spot at Shoregate.


Throughout his career, Patrick has encountered unique experiences that have shaped his approach to leasing apartments. His greatest takeaway is treating people with genuine respect and empathy, acknowledging that relationships are built on commonalities and needs. 






Caitlin’s journey into apartment leasing began with prior experience as a licensed real estate agent, primarily in residential properties. Intrigued by property management, she seized the opportunity to join Greystar and TRITEC at The Wel Apartments in Lindenhurst prior to joining Shoregate as the leasing manager. 


As leasing manager, Caitlin oversees the leasing team and the entire leasing process, responsible for attracting and screening potential residents. Her primary objectives include ensuring the efficient operation of the community, maintaining high occupancy rates, and prioritizing resident satisfaction.


Joining Shoregate in August 2023, Caitlin’s decision to work at Shoregate was deeply rooted in her love for Bay Shore and its offerings. Having been a Bay Shore resident herself, she was drawn to the vibrant town. Moreover, Caitlin was eager to challenge herself in a lease-up of this magnitude. Her prior experience with Tritec, particularly in Lindenhurst, had left a lasting impression due to the company’s craftsmanship and their commitment to the communities they built.


Caitlin has held a real estate license since 2017 and a strong background in hospitality, enabling her to connect with people and provide exceptional service. Caitlin’s passion for building positive relationships is evident in her dedication to addressing residents’ questions and concerns. Her favorite moments revolve around helping residents find their perfect homes, making their leasing experience at Shoregate an exciting chapter in their lives. Through her expertise and commitment, Caitlin enhances Shoregate’s sense of community, creating a welcoming environment where attention to detail and resident satisfaction are paramount.







Anthony brings 13 years of valuable experience in senior citizen community management to our Shoregate team. His career journey has been rooted in a commitment to cleanliness, efficient maintenance, and a genuine desire to help people. As the service supervisor at Shoregate, Anthony ensures that the building is well-maintained, work orders are promptly fulfilled, and all maintenance concerns are addressed effectively.


Anthony’s dedication to resident well-being is evident in his commitment to providing thorough tours and fire safety training to ensure their safety and comfort. He takes pride in creating a welcoming atmosphere for residents, making it a point to know everyone by name and address their needs with a personalized touch.


His core mission is to create a positive and welcoming experience for all Shoregate residents. Anthony takes pride in knowing each resident by name and ensuring their daily needs are met. This personalized approach contributes to the community’s warm and inviting atmosphere, making Shoregate feel like home for all.







Eric Santos began his career in the apartment industry while working as a maintenance technician at GSC apartments. Drawn by the industry’s stability and growth opportunities, Eric joined Shoregate as Assistant Maintenance Supervisor, where he coordinates maintenance and repairs while ensuring the community remains pristine.


Eric was first drawn to Shoregate through its location near Main Street and the waterfront, reminiscent of his childhood in Bay Shore. His HVAC and EPA certifications, coupled with his commitment to exceptional service, equip him to handle any maintenance needs efficiently and safely.


Eric finds that Shoregate’s appeal lies not just in its amenities but in its sense of community between the residents and the leasing team. Known for his warm demeanor, Eric builds positive relationships with residents by always being available to help and offering a bright smile, making him an invaluable asset to the community.






Arlyne’s journey into apartment leasing began during her college years when she worked as an admin in a real estate office. Her enthusiasm for real estate drove her to pursue a career in the field. Now, as a leasing professional at Shoregate, Arlyne takes pride in helping prospective residents discover their perfect homes.


Arlyne joined the Shoregate team in September 2023, drawn to the community’s brand-new building and its proximity to the waterfront. Her qualifications include a New York Real Estate License and extensive fair housing training, demonstrating her commitment to her role. Arlyne’s experiences in the competitive Midtown Manhattan real estate market have honed her skills, making her well-equipped to provide top-tier service.


Arlyne’s dedication to creating positive resident experiences is evident in her approach, focusing on establishing trust and making the leasing process seamless. She excels at building positive relationships with residents by ensuring they feel secure and well-supported throughout their journey. Arlyne looks forward to being a part of the unique success stories that will unfold as more residents make Shoregate their home.







With 15 years of experience in construction under his belt, George Kraft saw property management as a promising career change. Joining Shoregate as a Maintenance Technician, George plays a crucial role in ensuring apartments are move-in ready, addressing service calls promptly, and guiding new residents through their apartments on move-in day.


Joining Shoregate in December 2023, George wasted no time in immersing himself in his role and the community. His approach to building positive relationships with residents is rooted in being as helpful and welcoming as possible, always ready to provide solutions and establishing a personal connection by addressing residents by their first names.


George’s favorite thing about Bay Shore, where Shoregate is located, is its proximity to all of the great restaurants in town. His favorite amenity at Shoregate is the pool and firepit area, offering residents a cozy and relaxing outdoor space to unwind.






Eddie Alicea brings valuable experience in groundskeeping to his role at Shoregate. Referred by friends, Eddie found fulfillment as a Building and Grounds Technician, where he maintains the community’s pristine appearance and functionality.


Since joining Shoregate in November 2023, Eddie has been drawn to the opportunity to contribute to a new property and broaden his skill set. With a certification in OSHEA and a passion for art, Eddie brings a blend of expertise and creativity to the community.


In his interactions with residents, Eddie prioritizes open communication as he is dedicated to addressing any issues promptly and with care. He finds joy in connecting with residents and helping them navigate any challenges they encounter after moving in.


While Bay Shore boasts a plethora of dining options that Eddie loves, his favorite amenity at Shoregate is the gym, which offers convenience and accessibility for residents seeking to stay active.


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